Photo: Worms came to Ka’ohao Public Charter School (then called Lanikai Elementary) in 2014 and made a huge impact. Ka’ohao School boasts the largest vermicomposting operation in the state, processing over six tons of kitchen and cafeteria waste annually.

Worm bins of various designs make it easy for people to manage their worm colonies.  A worm bin is any container with good drainage and aeration.  

Start simple
Wondering about the BIG WORM BALL you see on every page?  Each of these delighted wormers has just hand-harvested a box bin and got the thrill of holding that big ol’ worm ball, connecting with worms’ collective energy and amazing life force. Every vermicomposter treasures this life-changing experience, at least once!

Check out two box bins and a nifty beginners lateral-flow bin on the right. >

Engineered to save time
After a multi-hour box bin hand harvest, you understandably may decide to go forward with a engineered bin designed to separate worms from their castings. Google “worm bins” to find in every price range stacking tray systems, continuous flow models, lateral-flow systems, etc.  Find what fits your needs.

Caring for your worms
For extensive information on cultivating a successful, productive worm colony in Hawaii, please visit the Worm Ohana website -  There is a very helpful video library under the RESOURCES menu that you can access any time.